Thermolastic ME is the “hard shell” derivative of our well known pipe insulation system. It provides the same unsurpassed insulation performance whilst satisfying the requirement for a metal foil outer surface. In house tooling and welding processes have been developed to produce precise encapsulation which is highly durable and visually pleasing.. The development costs of producing such a high quality product do however dictate that this solution is more suited for high volume projects. The skills and specialist equipment needed to provide this product necessitates that the customer’s pipes are sent to us. However, Culimeta-Saveguard is fortunate in having manufacturing facilities in the UK, Germany, Italy and the USA. This greatly reduces the overall distance that the finished pipes have to travel.

Bespoke Metal Encapsulation

Hand made solution for single prototypes or low volume applications requiring a metal outer cover for either higher temperature resistance, enhanced durability or specific aesthetic qualities.
In addition to the standard insulation, we can offer alternative insulation mediums such as Micropore®, Pyrogel®, Superwool® or silica needlemats. This bespoke option utilises welding techniques developed for the Thermolastic ME.