The Thermal Management Technology For Exhaust Pipe Insulation

THERMOLASTIC® provides secure heat conservation of exhaust gas temperatures in diesel emission systems and heat shield applications

Thermolastic is a tried and tested thermal insulation system specifically for wide bore diesel exhaust pipes. This unique high density insulation is designed to reduce the cooling of exhaust gases and greatly lower hot face surface temperatures, essential requirements for the efficient and safe operation of modern diesel emission systems.

Introduced to the market in early 2002, the durability and effectiveness of the product has been proven time and time again, in both test cells and in the field. Although the main applications are to be found in buses and trucks, it is also ideally suitable for large gen-sets, off-road/military vehicles and marine environments.

Correct installation will ensure maximum protection of the insulation from the ingress of water or oil and will also offer excellent damage resistance from road debris.


  • Installation insitu often possible without removing exhaust
  • Efficient, high density insulation acts as heat store, reduces temperature fluctuation and heat loss
  • Fits any bore size
  • Long life, cost effective
  • Will not slip, bonds together on initial heating
  • Oil and water resistant coating
  • Each layer individually protected from water ingress
  • No special tools required
  • Insulation thickness can easily be varied along the pipe
  • Stays permanently flexible, can accommodate expansion joints.
  • Tough outer layer resists frost, stone chips etc.
  • Outer layer can be easily repaired or replaced in the event of physical damage
  • Clean to work with using only non toxic materials