Versatility and flexibility:
Approved products for thermal and electrical insulations

Established back in 1926 in The Hague Culimeta has been henceforth involved since 1948 with the distribution and processing of textile glass fibre products. This is the third generation of the company and it has made its name in the world as a versatile distributor of textile and technical glass fibre products. In doing so, Culimeta is a particularly service-oriented developer, manufacturer and distributor for system solutions with the claim to being able to offer customized solutions.

It is mainly glass fibre filaments, which constitute the basis for our successful thermal and electrical insulation products. They are used for industrial applications for the automobile and electronic industry as well as the iron and steel industry. Beyond that, door and pane sealings for fireplaces and ovens, products for personal and fire protection are part of our delivery programme.

Due to modern bonding techniques, an array of technical textiles, non-woven fabrics and foils can be laminated three-dimensionally with up to five different layers. For this reason it is possible to combine the characteristics of different substrates and to fit them together with the profile of each application.

In Germany Culimeta is represented by two sites: With over 100 employees at the main plant in Bersenbrück and at the branch in Mölln, we now have a command of the basic technologies and the handling processes which are absolutely essential for developing and manufacturing high-quality textile glass products. The efficiency and flexibility of our employees, the high quality standard during the manufacturing process of our products and the world wide distribution network are the main reasons for the fact that Culimeta is one of the leading suppliers in its trade sector.

In order to satisfy the growing demand of our customers regarding service and availability of the products, Culimeta is continiously expanding by establishing new plants and distribution offices. Presently the Culimeta group of industries has got over 200 employees in 7 plants.

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