Brushseal Service Penetration Seal

Product Description
Firehalt Brushseal is a non-woven high temperature glassfibre tape that provides a totally unique way of solving the problems of sealing service penetrations through lightweight flexible cavity barriers, smoke curtains and solid fire walls.

Flexible Fire Barriers - when used with Firehalt flexible barriers the Brushseal penetration seals are installed by wrapping them around the service pipe, cable tray, trunking etc.. on both sides of the penetration, trapping the barrier between the fire resistant filaments. Solid Fire Walls - when used against an appropriate fire wall Brushseal penetration seals need only be installed on ONE side of the wall.

Brushseal is extremely cost effective: labour costs are kept to a minimum; being a tape wrap one size fits any shape or size of service item; there is no wastage; off-cuts can be reused; by using a suitably sized fillet to fill any gaps multiple services in close proximity to one another can be treated as a single service penetration.

Mechanical fixing with the stainless steel ties provided ensures swift installation with the minimum of fuss. No specialist adhesives are required. See “Downloads” for a copy of the fitting instructions leaflet and see how straightforward it really is.

Brushseal is supplied in 3 metre long rolls with 4 rolls in a box. The box also includes 10 stainless steel ties and a fitting instructions leaflet.

  • Cost effective - minimum labour time required - no wastage
  • Universal Fitting - readily conforms to any shape and size of service penetration
  • Professional Finish - provides a neat and tide appearance to those awkward areas
  • Compact - Easy to store and transport on site

The amount of Brushseal penetration seal needed for each service is easily calculated by using the table below or by using our interactive version of this Usage Guide.