Dualtec® yarn blends are normally heat and cut resistant depending on the style specified and are spun from short staple fibre. The yarns are manufactured using the traditional cotton spinning system.
Cotton spun yarns tend to be a higher twist construction with a more round characteristic, they are also soft and comfortable to the touch and are ideal for knitting or weaving. Dualtec® yarns can also be manufactured using a core spinning process where fine filaments of wire or textile grade glass fibres can be included to increase the yarn's cut resistant properties.

Powerguard® yarns are designed for more extreme conditions and their construction is more complex, utilising more continuous filament yarns such as Kevlar*, Twaron* or Dyneema*.
Powerguard® yarns are manufactured using a combination of texturising, twisting and wrapping techniques that allow precise positioning of the fibres within the yarn construction.
The yarns tend to be heavier in construction than Dualtec® yarn however the special construction produces a comfortable feel that is ideal for knitted hand/arm protection.