Acousta-fil® Exhaust Acoustic Media


Acousta-fil is a highly efficient sound absorption media designed for use in exhaust silencers and is available manufactured from a range of continuous fibres to suit different temperatures up to 900C.

Acousta-fil has been designed for controlled expansion on initial contact with heat and is intended to fill complex voids to a pre-determined density. This is particularly useful where the product has to inserted into narrow annulus applications found in resonators.

Fill densities can be controlled accurately using Acousta-fil and the unique construction offers advantages over
existing methods when installing and offers the potential for significantly reduced
production costs.

Although Acousta-fil has been developed specifically for  exhaust silencer or muffler  infill, the concept also offers potential for use as a thermally insulating Catalyst Brick support media.

Acousta-fil CE is the latest product from our ongoing development of Acousta-fil sound absorption materials for vehicle exhausts. This technology has been proven to increase sound absorption considerably when compared to traditional materials often at reduced densities thereby reducing the overall weight of the muffler.

The benefits offered by Acousta-fil CE are particularly suited to applications such as straight through mufflers often found on motorbikes where maximum absorption is required.

The unique construction consists of continuous filament texturised glass yarns that have been specially manufactured to create a loop effect in the yarn (see picture above). By altering the shape and regularity of these loops with the weight of the yarns we have established the optimum configuration for absorption over a wider range of frequencies.

Acousta-fil CE has all the properties of standard Acousta-fil i.e. it will expand on initial heating, is easy to fit and allows precise control over fill weights and densities.

Acousta-fil CE fabrics can be supplied in any width from 20mm up to 1m wide in 2.5mm increments. The fabric is soft to touch, compressible and springy with high recovery. It is also easy to cut with scissors and can be provided on the roll, with or without interrupts at pre-designated lengths, as cut pieces or even supplied knitted to shape as a 3D pack for clamshells.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces silencer skin temperatures
  • Resists the effects of pulse
  • Choice of fibre chemistry
  • Proven on Track and road
  • Easily installed in confined spaces.

Other exhaust products include long strand blown glass wool and  needlemats for silencer infill and also pre prepared packs constructed from needlemat or glass wool, assembled on mandrels for ease of fit.